Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sound & motion OPENER

Im choosing to do the opener over the data presentation because i think it will be better for my portfolio cause im going to try and get an internship at a skateboard magazine, but they dont only concern themselves with the magazine they put out movies and web content as well so i think this could work at like a little podcast show or something.

So the purpose of the intro would be to give a brief and concise overview of what all information or different elements the show will contain. some things im thinking of are like a skateboard history miniute, trick tip,  interview with a pro, upcoming am, new footage

the content would appear before a show but could also be used as like a commercial to tell people about the show since it will tell what all the show has to offer.

my audience would be 12 - 30 year olds who skate or just people that have an interest in skateboarding, it would be viewed on a channel such as fuel tv which is an all action sport kind of channel

Im thinking mostly about making it look old but using a cornie and kind of funny voice over narration. the kind of stuff were the character shown acknoledges the narrator but the narrator is never seen

phase 2: output postcard

Monday, November 10, 2008

nonlinear statement

Using music, voice, and sound effects allows the viewer to imagine there own story; possibly one off screen, past or possibly future. Combined with video or images this can create a whole new story one that might be more guided by the visuals. Simultaneous communication of sound and imagery can set a different tone and you can move the viewer into a different mind set. It was difficult keeping it interesting but also functional with the limited amount of capabilities. Being the designer I definately set a lot of limitations by the amount of interaction possible. The user must search for the actions (these were always my favorite kinds of interactive flash sites, the kinds were you have to look for what you can do then you get a surprise when you find them and then you can start working with layering). The user is able to overlap sound on sound and sound on video, its a pretty limited experience but with 5 sound effects (including the sound mark) a narration, and 2 songs and 4 videos the amount of combinations are very high.

nonlinear 1 process and finals

nonlinear process

This was some tests i did using the red button to stop the video mid-play and the blue box was set up to receive multiple clicks and each time is a different function

nonlinear sketches